Calling All Indie Authors — let us help you get published!

Allow us to do the technical stuff—you write and edit. Send your manuscript to us, and we’ll format and distribute it in paperback and ebook to the following:

  • Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other retailers
  • Kindle, Apple iBooks, Nook, Kobo

Best of all, we do not charge for the service. We take 10-15% of the sale of each book (depending on the length of the book). We won’t try to upsell you on our other services. Send us your manuscript, tell us where you want it distributed, and we do the rest. You retain all rights to the book, and the book is published under your name or imprint. You make 85-90% of each sale (while you are working on your next book.

How can we do this? Because we are small press who already does publishing of acquired authors, we have an efficient and sound process in place. (If you are interested in being a traditionally signed author, we work with you on editing the book, we take care of all proofreading and formatting, and we promote the book.)

What are the possible drawbacks? There are two. First, your book is not published under our name or one of our imprints as a professional publishing house. Second, we do not do any editing or formatting (beyond what is required to make the book acceptable for publishing). If your book sells, then we make some money. If not, that’s a risk we all take!

Interested in this service? Have questions? Get it touch with us by clicking below.



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