11 Most Profitable Kindle Niches and Categories

From Insider Monkey, a post about the most popular Kindle categories. If you are a Kindle author (or considering becoming one), this is a must-read.

11 Most Profitable Kindle Niches and Categories[A]mateurs who would like to self-publish must ask themselves certain questions usually reserved for the publishing company. “Who is the audience for your book?” Truly, whether you’re an independent new person trying out writing, or you’re more established and planning to send a book proposal to a publishing company–you need to know that you have people who would want to buy your book in order to generate sales. Especially in the case of the latter. Publishing companies are being run by writers and editors, who certainly care about good narratives and interesting topics, but they are a business more than anything. They need to earn in order to sustain their business.

It is imperative that you know what the most profitable Kindle niches and categories are if you want to become successful as an author. The internet is home to thousands of bloggers and indie authors offering different techniques on how to get the most profitable Kindle niches and categories on Amazon. According to K-Lytics, Amazon sales rank fluctuate by as much as (+/-) 25% in a 24-hour period, so looking at the bestseller list alone can be misleading if you want to know the most profitable kindle niches and categories. There are other factors to consider.

K-lytics has put together a comprehensive report as a result of its evaluation of the 30 Amazon Kindle ebook categories based on 5 criteria:

1. Sales Volume

2. Rank Momentum

3. Price Realization

4. Competition

5. Effort

The data gathered based on those criteria above were then computed and they came up with a weighted index where 100 = best; 1 = Worst. Here is the list of 11 most profitable Kindle niches and categories:


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