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NEW: A Thought and a Prayer for Every Day in the Year (Classic reprints, Sulis International)

Jun 17, 2017 | Keledei Publications, Press Release

From Sulis Classic Reprints and published by Keledei Publications, this rare book is now available in paperback and in the Kindle and iBooks Stores.

By Frederick T. Kruckenberg

Neela Tuduri-Klepfisch (Editor)
Anthony Holmes (Foreword)

This book, originally published in 1883, is a collection of thoughts and a prayer for each day of the year. Written by the vicar of Grewelthorpe at St. James’s Church, it captures the sincere faith of that older age.

This volume was originally published in 1883 by Skeffington & Son, London, and today until now only available in rare print volumes, scans, or as plain text files produced via computer OCR, which results in numerous errors and mistakes, and lack formatting. This version, part of the Sulis Classic Reprints series, has been carefully edited, formatted, and typeset. Where appropriate, archaic spellings and words have been updated for the modern reader, but the context, structure, and layout has been preserved as in the original. We have also added a brief biography of the author.

Keledei Publications, an imprint of Sulis International, publishes selection nonfiction works in spirituality, practical theology, Bible studies, ministry, and the Christian life.

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