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Available for Pre-Order – Christianity—Is It Really True?

Oct 3, 2017 | Keledei Publications, Press Release

1 July 2017 | Los Angeles and London

Keledei Publications announces preorder availability of Christianity—Is It Really True? Responsible Faith in a Post-Christian Culture by Ron Highfield.

Ron Highfield. Christianity—Is It Really True? Responsible Faith in a Post-Christian Culture. Keledei Publications, 2017. Pbk ISBN: 978-1-946849-14-4. eBook ISBN: 978-1-946849-15-1. 225pp.

”This book carefully approaches the points related to Christianity as if talking to a non-believer who is will to discuss but also deeply committed to his side. It is very solid foundation for good discussions.”

—Carolyn Smith

In this book, veteran Pepperdine University professor of theology Ron Highfield makes the case for the truth of Christianity and defends it from attack. But so do many other books. Why do we need another? Because there are also plenty of books that deny Christianity’s truth, attack it in new ways and from almost every conceivable angle! Hence the work of Christian evidences and apologetics is never done. Christian truth does not change, but contemporary culture and thought change almost daily. To communicate effectively with our contemporaries we must listen to them, come to understand their most basic beliefs and values and learn how to explain Christian faith to them in ways they can understand. This task is not easy to accomplish, and there is no shortage of failed attempts. Indeed, the Christian cause suffers almost as much from its friends as it does from its enemies. Many efforts to support and defend Christianity have done as much damage as good and created as much doubt as confidence in the Christian faith. Some arguments for Christianity overstate their case and understate the force of objections. Others try to prove too many things. Good thinkers from the time of Socrates until today know that making bad arguments in favor of a good cause is worse than silence. This book is full of good arguments.
Paperback available Oct 16.
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