As many of you know, the publishing service Pronoun was shut down on November 6, 2017.

If you used the platform, we invite you to give us a look. We accept quality fiction and nonfiction, do not charge for publishing (we are not a vanity press), and we pay high royalities. Submit a manuscript and check out our FAQ.

Pronoun was a self-publishing service that was originally part of Vook and then purchased by the big publisher McMillan in 2016.

  • Sulis International Press General and academic nonfiction
  • Keledei Publications Non-fiction religion
  • Legal Yankee Publications Nonfiction legal education
  • Riversong Books: Fiction

How is my book distributed?
We supply print books to (worldwide) and Ingram (worldwide), and will also be made available to all online stores, brick-and-mortar stores, and libraries for order from their distributor (Whether they choose to place an order is their decision, course). All eBooks are distributed through the Apple iBooks Store, Kindle Store, Kobo, Nook, and Ingram distribution worldwide.

What is Your Royalty Rate?
We pay our authors 50% of all sales, minus any direct costs incurred by your book, if any (for example, the cost of printing review copies requested by you). We do not take costs for our overhead, nor for any work done by our editors, copyeditors, or promotions staff. We share all net income 50/50 with our authors.

When do I receive royalties?
Sales reports and royalty checks are mailed on an annual basis. Reports include monthly sales, categorized by sales channel, medium (print or eBook), and, where available, by country of purchase.

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