Each year around this time I polish off my imaginary crystal ball and ask it what the heck is going to happen next.

What are the entrenched macro trends and forces that, like gravity, are likely to continue in the same direction for many years to come? And how will these trends impact what they touch, and how will that change the course of the future?

Indie Authors Assert Control

The Rise of Indie Authorship

Amazon aggressively promotes KU to its customers. It encourages them to read books for free with KU. Readers of indie ebooks now have over one million reasons to never purchase another single-copy ebook again. The day KU launched, I warned authors of the potential implications (read it here).

Authors who now derive 100% of their sales from Amazon are no longer indie authors. They’re dependent authors. I suppose we have indie authors and de-authors now.

Some of the topics addressed:

Where to from Here?

Can’t Indies say No to Dependence?

The KU Scam

Time to Break Things Up?

Save us Margrethe Vestager

Fair competition is broken.

The Silver Lining in this Dystopian Picture

2018 Publishing Predictions

I see sunshine and clouds for 2018. Let’s do the bad news first and then we’ll wrap with the good news.

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