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Volume 3 of Praying Through the Bible explores the 51 prayers in First Kings through Second Chronicles—a Resources to Enrich Your Prayers

Markus McDowell. Praying Through the Bible (Vol 3): 1 Kings–2 Chronicles. Keledei Publishing, 2017. Pbk ISBN: 978-1-946849-21-2. eBook ISBN: 978-1-946849-20-5. 338pp.

Most of us never had anyone teach us how to pray. We mimicked what we heard from others. Sometimes this leads us to a repetitive and even shallow prayer life.

Yet the Bible contains hundreds of passages about prayer, with a lot of richness and variety. This third volume of the Praying through the Bible helps us enrich our own prayers by studying those found in the Bible.

Covering the 51 prayers in the four books, from the time of King David through the fall of Jerusalem, each chapter contains an exploration of the background of the prayer, a discussion of its meaning, and an application for your own prayers.

“Markus McDowell’s knowledge of the culture and langauges of the bible are superb, which gives this volume its depth and value. But more than that, he presents that knowledge is a concise and readable manner, giving the reader only what is needed to understand the passage, its meaning, and then to apply it to the practice oif prayer. If you are interested in ‘enriching your prayers,’ buy this book!”

Paul Longmire

Pastor, Edmonton

Praying Through the Bible (Vol 3): 1 Kings–2 Chronicles
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Praying Through the Bible (Vol 3): 1 Kings–2 Chronicles.

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About the Author. Markus McDowell is a writer, editor, and researcher, and has lectured at various universities in the US, Europe, and the UK. He has a Ph.D. from Fuller Theological Seminary and a law degree from the University of London, and is the author of Prayers of Jewish Women: Studies of Patterns of Prayer in the Second Temple Period (Mohr Seibeck), Prayer in the Ancient Stoic Tradition (Academic Press), and Epistolary Prayer in the Apostolic Fathers (Academic Press).

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