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This Summer: the story of a remarkable man during the American Revolutionary War—a unique work of historical fiction by John Francis Wilson

John Francis Wilson. Colonel Jonathan: An American Story. Riversong Books, 2018.

This book is an unusual work of historical fiction—more history than fiction. A heavily-researched story of a remarkable man and his remarkable family, who lived in remarkable times and who have left an impact that intertwines with the history of America and extends from the eastern ocean to the western one. It is a story worth rescuing from beneath grandma’s back porch, and gluing back together, despite all the difficulties in doing so.

Colonel Jonathan: An American Story
Coming in summer of 2018 in paperback and ebook

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About the Author. John Francis Wilson is a field archaeologist, and writer and lecturer on archaeology in the Middle East, particularly focused on the relationship between archaeology and Christianity. He is a former dean of Seaver College at Pepperdine University, Dean Emeritus, and Professor Emeritus of Religion, and is the author of a number of publications, most notably his work on a famous archaeological site in the Middle East: Caesarea Philippi: Banias, the Lost City of Pan. He has also written for radio and television, produced religious television programs, and appeared on television in an A&E series about archaeology and the Bible. His love of history also extends to extensive knowlege of American history during the civil war.

About Riversong Books. Stories are the music of our lives—they connect us and speak to us in ways that nonfiction cannot. An imprint of Sulis International, Riversong Books publishes historical, literary, contemporary, science fiction, fantasy, and religious fiction that not only entertain, but allow readers to question, celebrate, and explore what it means to be human. Riversong also publishes reprints, both out-of-print novels or older works not readily available in print or eBook form.

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