4 June 2018
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Now Available – Onesimus: A Novel of Christianity in the Roman Empire.

“A fresh look at he Christian faith at its inception, through the eyes of a pagan slave—a story of love and betrayal, deception and revelation, and a search for integrity in a world of self-aggrandizement.” (Jonathan Sparks)

McDowell, Markus. Onesimus: A Novel of Christianity in the Roman Empire. Riversong Books, 2018. ISBN: 978-1-946849-22-9. eISBN: 978-1-946849-23-6. 340pp.

Based on a true story, Onesimus is the tale of a young, unhappy slave who lived during the first century Roman Empire.  The world is a highly structured society of deities, slaves, masters, prostitutes, government corruption, soldiers—with little opportunity to move out of one’s role. But he has a plan to become free and make something of himself—until he is betrayed. His response leads him on a path of danger, deceit, and discovery until he comes into contact with a famous leader of a young new religion based on the Jewish faith. What he finds will test his will and his courage, and through it, Onesimus becomes part of one of the most charming stories in history.
“McDowell’s depth of knowledge and research into the first-century Roman world and early Christianity made me feel like I’d gone back in time. The culture, the people, the food, and the beliefs were so engaging, I found myself arguing with the characters—many of whom are historical figures.”
Jane Elizabeth Thomas, author

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About the Author. Markus McDowell is an author & editor of fiction and nonfiction in multiple genres. He has a Ph.D. from Fuller Theological Seminary and a law degree from the University of London, and has lectured at universities in the US, Europe, and the UK.  He is the author of the literary novel, To and Fro Upon the Earth: A Novel, and research works such as Prayers of Jewish Women: Studies of Patterns of Prayer in the Second Temple Period, Prayer in the Ancient Stoic Tradition, and the popular series on Prayer, Praying Through the Bible.

About Riversong Books. Stories are the music of our lives—they connect us and speak to us in ways that nonfiction cannot. An imprint of Sulis International, Riversong Books publishes historical, literary, contemporary, science fiction, fantasy, and religious fiction that not only entertain, but allow readers to question, celebrate, and explore what it means to be human. Riversong also publishes reprints, both out-of-print novels or older works not readily available in print or eBook form.

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