Editing and Proofreading


Proofreading. Some writers are pretty good at the technical aspects of writing. They only need an editor to check for errors in spelling, punctuation, grammar, etc.

Editing. Others writers are great writers, but just want to write and not be bothered with the technical aspects. They ask us to perform some editing and rewriting for clarity, word use, consistency, and structure.

Style guide. We make sure your paper, article, or book conforms to the proper style guide. Our editor-trolls have done this for so long they like it and think it’s fun (the rest of us know this is a sickness.)

Indexing. Especially important for nonfiction and academic works. We will take your final document and produce a formatted index, with words and page numbers. You choose the words you want indexed from a list of all words in your document (provided by us).

Our editors have over 25 years of experience as freelance editors for authors, publishers, and journals, and have edited

  • articles & essays
  • books (fiction and nonfiction)
  • websites and blog posts
  • dissertations and theses
  • academic papers and books

Provide us with a Word, Pages, PDF, or a hard-copy (if you’re old school). We’ll return it in your choice of format:


  • A Word or Pages file using the Review function, so you can see each change and choose to accept or reject.
  • A marked-up PDF.
  • A hand-marked hard copy

* Contact us below for projects over 50,000 words.

† Manuscript must be in final form.

We'd love to talk about your project. Send us a message.

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