Frequently Asked Questions


Can I submit a book for consideration even if it is not completed yet?
Yes, but we would treat it as a book proposal instead of a submission. If we accept your proposal, we will send a ‘conditional offer of publication’ until we are able to review the entire manuscript and offer a contract.

How long before I hear whether my book has been accepted for publication?
Please allow 1-2 weeks for your three-chapter submission to be evaluated. We will contact you via the email address you sent as soon as a decision is made. If we choose to proceed, we would ask for the entire manuscript for review before making an offer of publication. The full evaluation can take 1-5 weeks.



If my book is accepted for publication, who copy edits my manuscript?
Authors are expected to deliver a clean manuscript, as we provide only basic proofing and copy editing. It is your responsibility to submit a manuscript that has been copyedited by a professional copy editor. We can provide names of copyeditors for hire. We will perform all formatting required for print and ebook.

Can my book be published as an eBook (Kindle, iBook, etc.)
In most cases, all books published by Sulis International are also released in eBook formats for Kindle, Apple iBooks, Kobo, and Nook. Usually, these are available for purchase on the same day as the print book.

Do I need to purchase an ISBN?
We provide your book with an ISBN for both the print and eBook version.

Who designs the cover for my book?
We will ask for your ideas, concepts, and examples. Our designers will consider your ideas, our publication style, and content of your book. We take final responsibility for cover designs.



How long before my book appears in print?
There are many variables particular to each project and the number of projects currently in the pipeline. With a clean manuscript, we generally can publish within 1-3 months, but some books can take up to 6 or 7 months.

How is my book distributed?
We supply print books to (worldwide) and Ingram (worldwide), and will also be made available to all online stores, brick-and-mortar stores, and libraries for order from their distributor (Whether they choose to place an order is their decision, course). All eBooks are distributed through the Apple iBooks Store, Kindle Store, Kobo, Nook, and Ingram distribution worldwide.

How long will the book remain in print?
Modern printing technology allows books to remain active and in print essentially forever, even if the book only sells a few copies.

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What is Your Royalty Rate?
Fiction authors receive 50% royalties on sales; nonfiction royalties are 30-45% (depending on the subject matter and reader demographic). “Sales” are all proceeds less any direct costs incurred by your book, i.e., printing and distribution costs, or the cost of printing review copies at your request). We do not take costs for our overhead, nor for any work done by our editors, copyeditors, or promotions staff.


How is the retail price set?
We set the retail price of your book based on page count, content, and intended audience, but will also ask for your input.


When do I receive royalties?
Sales reports and royalty checks are mailed on an annual basis. Reports include monthly sales, categorized by sales channel, medium (print or eBook), and, where available, by country of purchase. This is done on the following schedule by author last name:


A-E: March
F-L: May
M-R: August
S-Z: November


Can I obtain discounts for copies of my books?
Yes, authors receive between 25-50% discount on their printed books, depending on length, size, pricing level, color options, etc. (No royalties are paid on discounted books).






When do you market my book?
The marketing process begins once we have a firm publication date. We follow a schedule of pre-publication and post-publication marketing and press releases.


Will you contact me about marketing?
Our marketers will contact you with questions once your book is with our editors for proofreading. After that initial discussion, they will not contact you again unless they have questions. You are free to contact us with questions, ideas, or information. Of course, you are free to market your book as you wish.


What can I do to market my book?
If you do not already have one, set up an Author Page for yourself at Amazon’s Author Central and Facebook Author Page (not your personal account). We also encourage our authors to set up their own blogs on WordPress, Blogger, or Tumblr. Consider social media as well: Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, etc. In partnership with you, we can offer time-limited discounts, bulk discounts, and, for eBook versions, discounted special runs. If you wish to place a paid ad, at your cost, in a specific journal, magazine, or website, we will be happy to design and deliver the ad at no cost.


Can I sell my book myself?
You may purchase your print book at 25-50% discount and set your selling price as you wish. These purchases are nonreturnable, and you receive no royalties on discounted books.


Where do you advertise my book?
We advertise all published titles online on our website, blogs, newsletter, and social media with periodic campaigns and banner ads. For some titles, we advertise in other publications. If you wish to place a paid ad, at your cost, in a specific journal, magazine, or online, we will be happy to design and deliver the ad at no cost to you.


Do you send review copies of my book to publications who publish book reviews?
Our marketers make review copy decisions based on the genre and content of your book, our past work with reviewers, and your input.  We can provide review copies, email Kindle review copies, and have a limited number of coupons for free iBook downloads for official requests from established journals, magazines, newspapers, etc. If you have personal connections at established promotional channels, encourage them to contact us to request a review copy.


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