Layout and Formatting Services

Books and eBooks for publication must be formatted properly. Traditional, on-demand, and eBook publishing services usually have exacting standards. You want your book to appear professional by adhering to those standards.

Most of us don’t want to spend the time and tedium working through our manuscript line-by-line and page-by-page looking at styles, page breaks, titles, headings, body, special text boxes, headers, footers, and so on. We’d rather be writing.

So let us do it for you.

Our technical expertise is legendary (at least among our clients and in our own minds). We have spent long hours examining software manuals, talking to the developers, and reading about others’ experience. If you do not want to deal with it, we can do it for you. And you can get back to writing.


We are experienced with the following platforms and tools:

  • CreateSpace
  • Kindle Direct
  • Apple iBooks
  • Kobo
  • B&N
  • Lulu
  • Microsoft Word
  • Apple Pages
  • Apple iBook Author
  • Kindle Textbook Creator
  • Apple iTunes Producer

Paperback Books

Provide us your file in Microsoft Word or Apple Pages—we have used them since the beginning of time, and know the depths of the mysteries of formatting. Whether your book is nonfiction or fiction, we will make it look professional along with the best of works in its genre. Any size, formatted to your specifications or those dictated by the publisher, including professional formatted title, copyright, headers, footers, and table of contents pages.


Provide us your file in Microsoft Word or Apple Pages. We’ll turn it into a proper Kindle, iBook, ePub, or mobi file, with proper formatting and coding so that it will fit the requirements for the platform, including the automatic table of contents functions for e-readers. Have a more complex book with a lot of graphics and hyperlinks? (e.g., iBook multimedia books or Kindle Textbook). Contact us for pricing.


Many authors and publishers find it easier and more cost-effective to do both print and ebook versions at the same time. While both have their own formatting requirements, there are some time-saving measures that can be taken, reducing the overall costs for each.

Cover Design

We have freelance graphics designers available to design your cover in a cost-effective way. If you have us design a cover in addition to the internal formatting, you can deduct 20% off the regular cover design price.

If we format your book, we also offer a discount on proofing or editing services.


We'd love to talk about your project. Send us a message.

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