How to Publish a Book for Print & eBook: A Step-by-Step Guide


There is an adage that “everyone has a book in them.” While there are millions of businesspeople, each one has done something different, taken a different path, or found something that worked for them. Your experience and knowledge could benefit other entrepreneurs. Perhaps you have suffered through some health or emotional trauma—what you experienced and learned could help someone who is going through something similar. Or maybe you have a take on productivity—there are others that could use that technique. It may be a fascinating nonfiction subject you know a lot about; it may be an idea for an exciting novel.

Today, the technology allows anyone to publish a professional-looking book. With a personal computer and online services such as Amazon or Apple’s iBooks Store, you can publish your book in print or as an electronic version—without any cost to the author except time.

This book teaches you how to format your print version just like traditionally published books. It describes the process of designing a cover, preparing the files, and uploading to Amazon, Kindle, and the iBooks Store. Everything you need to publish a professional-looking book is inside.

  • The book includes step-by-step explanations and instructions to
  • Format your book to make it look professionally printed
  • Formatting for eBook
  • Designing a Cover
  • Publishing Your Book with CreateSpace
  • Preparing an ePub
  • Publishing to Kindle Store
  • Publishing to iBooks Store

About the Authors

Anthony Holmes
Anthony has been an avid reader and writer since he was ten years old, pounding out stories on his parent’s old manual typewriter. He attended college to learn about literature and found he loved working with words: writing, editing, and rewriting.
Anthony is the managing editor of Sulis International. He is also a freelance editor and enjoys writing book reviews. We make fun of him because he refuses to use social media (though we found out he does have a personal Facebook page.)

Mark McFaddyn
Mark grew up reading everything he could get his hands on, including cereal boxes and toaster manuals. But he found his true love in historical fiction. After obtaining a degree in religion and writing nonfiction for religious periodicals, he became a freelance editor and was a founding member of Sulis International. He serves as an editor and reviewer for Sulis International and writes stories and novels in his spare time.

Cassie Anderson
When she was a child, Cassie used to take things apart and put them back together again. Her love of reading and technology led her to read a lot of science fiction (surprise). Despite the title of “nerd” early in life, she survived to become an all-around nice person and excellent writer and editor. Without her, Sulis Internationals would not know how to get anything online, printed, published, or promoted. Her knowledge of the more esoteric sections of Microsoft Word scares us a little.

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