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Quirks of Famous Writers Infographic

RESOURCES FOR WRITERS & EDITORS Quirks of Famous Writers Infographic From Custom Writing Service, a fascinating infographic about the strange quirks of famous writers. Click on the graphic below to see the full version Want to write a book review or article for our...

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Apps for Writing, Editing, and Research

SCRIVENER (Writing, editing, research)

A wonderful program from a fantastic company. We have used Scrivener since it was in beta before the original release. It is the best writing program available. It is simple enough to use as an outliner and writing tools alone, but has a depth of capabilities that go well beyond just those tasks. Excellent for novels, nonfiction books, eBooks, story-board, lengthy articles, organizing research…the list goes on.

See our series of articles on how we use Scrivener here.


Mac Version Windows version 


This is a easy-to-use timeline program. The graphics you can product with it are beautiful. It is easy to quickly enter information and get a timeline going, or you can dig deeper and set up multiple timelines, characters, banners, etc.

We have used it for novel-writing, for plotting historical events for articles and books, and to assist attorneys in developing timelines for chronologies in legal cases. Useful for any project that needs a visual timeline or chronology.


Mac App StoreWindows version

DAY ONE (Journaling)

The best journaling program, with a beautiful interface.

You can easily add pictures from built-in cameras or from your computer or phone, add tags, location, weather, and includes a search function. For writers, there are daily writing prompts. The app also syncs seamlessly between Macs, iPhones, iPads, and Apple Watch.

We use it for daily journaling (a good habit for writers) and both personal and writing logs. The ease of finding past entries is great.

2014 Apple Design Award winner.


Mac App StoreiOS version

DEVONTHINK (Document management)

DevonThink is a robust and feature-rich document management program. It can either import documents (of any kind), or track them in an external location. You can then tag, categorize, OCR, organize into folders (dumb and smart), search, and just about any other action you might want to do with documents. It can be used as a document storage and retrieval program, but it excels at document-heavy research applications. We have used it for legal document management and discovery purposes, for book and article research, and to keep track of all of our articles, books, and essays. It also has database program built in.



Mac App StoreiOS version

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