Since 2009, Keledei has been publishing non-fiction titles in spirituality, practical theology, Bible studies, ministry, and the Christian life. These works offer high-quality resources for individual Christians, the church, and those with interest in practical religion and faith.

Keledei Publications also offers reprints of works in those areas, especially older titles that are not readily available in print or eBook form.

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We are a small, independent publisher who believes in our authors. Personal service, a partnership in publishing and promotion, and higher royalties than most other publishers. If you have a sound manuscript, a self-published book, or an out-of-print book, and want to...

New Book: Four Views on Women and Church Leadership by Ron Highfield

Should conservative churches appoint women to the offices traditionally reserved for men? Many writers are calling for such changes; others oppose them. Are these proposals inspired by a deeper understanding of the gospel of Christ as their defenders claim? Or, are they inspired by contemporary secular philosophies as their opponents allege? Ron Highfield explores these and other questions

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Sulis International is currently looking for nonfiction and fiction submissions for our four imprints: Sulis International Press: nonfiction academic and general fiction. Keledei Publications: nonfiction popular works in religion (spirituality, practical theology,...

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