Since 2009, Keledei has been publishing non-fiction titles in spirituality, practical theology, Bible studies, ministry, and the Christian life. These works offer high-quality resources for individual Christians, the church, and those with interest in practical religion and faith.

Keledei Publications also offers reprints of works in those areas, especially older titles that are not readily available in print or eBook form.

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Recent Publications


Colonel Jonathan: An American Story – available for preorder

Colonel Jonathan: An American Story – Available for pre-order: A historical fiction novel about the American Revolutionary War that is more history than fiction. A story about an unusual man and his unusual family during the War—an engaging and deeply-researched novel by John Francis Wilson

Now Available – Why We Stayed: Honesty and Hope in the Churches of Christ

The Church of Christ, at this present hour, is host to a multitude of frustrated and disenchanted ministers and scholars. From the inside of ministry, the veneer of our movement disappears and the blemishes take center-stage. Discouragement is common. In response to this state of affairs, we asked an eclectic cast of authors, ministers, and scholars to answer the question, “Why did you stay within our movement?” The result is a diverse set of answers which we hope will create some hope for the future of our people.

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