The Year of Oceans

The Year of Oceans is an aptly titled story; we share a painful year with Hugo as he comes to terms with the loss of his wife, and his own future…all-in-all, this was a good read.” (—R.T. Graham)

Praying Through the Bible (Vol 3): First Kings-Second Chronicles

Covering the 51 prayers in the four books, from the time of King David through the fall of Jerusalem, each chapter contains an exploration of the background of the prayer, a discussion of its meaning, and an application for your own prayers.

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“…an imaginative and meaningful tale of love and loss.”

To and Fro Upon the Earth

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“…well written…not for the faint of heart…McDowell takes perceived notions and completely shatters them…I believe that this novel is his wake up call to society.” —Courtney Hancock, editor & reviewer

Four Views on Women and Church Leadership

Should Bible-Believing (Evangelical) Churches  Appoint Women Preachers, Pastors, Elders, and Bishops?


A Thought and a Prayer For Every Day in the Year

A classic devotional book, first published in 1883, now available again in print and eBook

How to Publish a Book for Print & eBook

A Step-by-Step Guide

By Cassie Anderson, Anthony Holmes, and Mark McFaddyn

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Coming from Riversong Books: Babatunde’s Heroic Journey From Nigeria to Ukraine via Russia

An exciting new novel from South African author, Nape Motana. Babatunde’s Heroic Journey is the story of Babatunde Okoronkwo, a Nigerian recipient of a Russian scholarship who does not return to his country once his schooling is complete. As the Soviet flag tumbles into a new epoch, he is consumed by zeal to be part of the transformation of a new society. He raises his hand and says, “Here am I, send me!”—having no idea where the answer to that prayer might lead him.

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Forthcoming: The Fear of Eden by Chuck Miller

The fear of God and attention to wisdom are essential for spiritual formation and growth toward spiritual maturity. Miller takes us on a journey back and forth through the Bible—especially Proverbs—showing us pieces we might never have seen. Who imagined the animals looking back on Jesus as he cleansed the Temple, or thought about the fear of Isaac under the knife at Moriah, realized that Balaam had God’s ear, or that Epaphroditus is the essential “blue collar” Christian? How about a game called “pig and farmer”?

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Writing as Therapy

Here's a guest post from Sierra Delarosa at and Writers are often so busy writing to please their audience. However, did you know that writing can be a therapy? Writing therapy can help develop critical thinking skills,...

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Now available – Contract Law Review & Revision Study Guide

Contract Law Reviewing and Revision Study Guide! An excellent companion to any United Kingdom Contract Law course! Pulling together the important concepts, issues, cases, statutes, and terms in one place, this book is the perfect revision and study companion. Use it in parallel with your course lectures and textbooks, use it for periodic reviewing of the material, and then use it for exam revision.

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Go for Launch! Start Your Scene Strong

Last week we talked about the basics of scene building in fiction. You can check out that information here: Scene Building Basics . Today, let’s focus a little more deeply on one aspect of a scene: the launch. It’s the kickoff for your scene. It’s the opportunity to...

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