Stories are the music of our lives—they connect us and speak to us in ways that nonfiction cannot. An imprint of Sulis International, Riversong Books publishes historical, literary, contemporary, science fiction, fantasy, and religious fiction that not only entertain, but allow readers to question, celebrate, and explore what it means to be human. Riversong also publishes reprints, both out-of-print novels or older works not readily available in print or eBook form.


Coming from Riversong Books: Babatunde’s Heroic Journey From Nigeria to Ukraine via Russia

An exciting new novel from South African author, Nape Motana. Babatunde’s Heroic Journey is the story of Babatunde Okoronkwo, a Nigerian recipient of a Russian scholarship who does not return to his country once his schooling is complete. As the Soviet flag tumbles into a new epoch, he is consumed by zeal to be part of the transformation of a new society. He raises his hand and says, “Here am I, send me!”—having no idea where the answer to that prayer might lead him.

Now available, Colonel Jonathan: An American Story — historical fiction at its finest

A deeply-researched story of a remarkable man and his remarkable family, who lived in remarkable times and who left an impact that intertwines with the history of America and extends from the eastern ocean to the western one. It is a story worth rescuing from beneath grandma’s back porch, and gluing back together, and being read by everyone who has an evening passing interest in America’s beginnings.

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