The Year of Oceans

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Hugo Larson is a retired accountant living in North Seattle. Having recently lost the person most important to him, he attempts to make a life for himself in spite of that gaping absence. While he spends his time swimming, gardening, and accomplishing the mundane tasks of everyday life, he also has several important relationships to manage. Adrian is Hugo’s caring but foolish son, a young man desperately in need of career guidance. Hugo’s brother, Martin, brims with positive energy and a life many would envy: a kind wife, an illustrious teaching career, and a darling granddaughter—but at the implications of retiring. Then there is Paul, a serene next-door neighbor and friend who is haunted by his own loss, who goes on adventures with Hugo through the city. Despite all this, Hugo faces the heaviness of existence, confronts towering questions, embraces and then pushes away those close to him. Through the course of one year, he faces his past, struggles with the present, and questions the future.


“The Year of Oceans is apart from my usual go-to choices for genres to read, but I was drawn in by how relatable Hugo and the supporting characters are. Anderson skillfully got this reader thinking about how we grieve, heal, and proceed through life after loss. I felt myself rooting for Hugo and empathizing with him throughout his year. A remarkable work.”

—Cliffton Kenny

“The starkness of the cover interested me and so I read the synopsis. The story of Hugo was inspiring. Everyone deals with death in a different way and Hugo was determined to make his own way through the darkness in his own time. Although others in his life tried to help him, he wasn’t ready yet and he pushed them away. Hugo truly did it his own way and his story is well worth reading.”

—Cathy McGough

“While not my normal genre, I was intrigued by the simple and dark book cover. The Year of Oceans is an aptly titled story; we share a painful year with Hugo as he comes to terms with the loss of his wife, and his own future…all-in-all, this was a good read.”

—R.T. Graham

About the Author

Sean T. Anderson is a writer living in Seattle. A graduate of the University of Washington, he enjoys running, meditating, and being in nature. The Year of Oceans is his fourth novel.

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