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The best books in the world will not sell if no one knows about them; the best essay, paper, or blog posts won’t be read if no one sees a link to it. We hope you are doing some promotion of your work, whatever it may be: on your website, through a FaceBook page, on Twitter—the more the better. We’d like to be part of your promotion strategy. We are passionate about helping indie authors with their fiction or nonfiction books, but we also promote articles, essays, web posts, and more.

We offer a free version because it takes little time and provides goodwill. (It also gets our name out there as a company who promotes authors!) If you want more than just basic promotion, we also have an inexpensive paid version that covers more ground for a longer period of time.

Example Post
With cross-posts to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google+

Both promotions include title, author, description, bio, link to author page, links to Amazon, Kindle, iBooks, blog, or other URLs (up to 5 links). (We do not accept erotica books, and may refuse other works for content reasons. If you have questions about your work, we’d be happy to talk with you about it. Contact us below.)


  • Blog post on the Sulis Blog
  • Twitter post for 14 days (every day)
  • Facebook post
  • Google+ post
  • You choose the day the promotion begins
  • All posts stay online after promotion
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  • Blog Post on Sulis blog (pinned for 2 weeks)
  • Facebook post (pinned for 2 weeks)
  • Twitter (30 days, twice a day)
  • Instagram, Pinterest, and Google+ post
  • Added to the Sulis Books page & Newsletter
  • You choose the day the promotion begins
  • All posts stay online after promotion
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