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Today, anyone can publish a book. There are a variety of online and on demand publishing services for print books: CreateSpace, Lulu, Xulon Press, and many more. There are tools to format and upload your own eBooks using Kindle, Apple’s iBooks, Kobo, and others. The options are many and sometimes overwhelming.

We spent many years working with traditional publishers as authors, editors, and proofreaders. Back then, that was the only option. (There were also “vanity presses” which took money to publish anything.) Today, many authors avoid the difficulty of getting their work published with a traditional publisher by self-publishing. They do it all themselves or use an intermediary (like us) to do copyediting, proofing, and formatting. There is also the option of signing with a small publishing house—like us!


An Author’s Options:

  1. Traditional publisher; often through an agent (small royalties, but more possible sales)
  2. Self-publish using your own name or DBA (all royalties, time-consuming and technical)
  3. Vanity press which will publish anything for a price per book or set price
  4. Independent publishing company under their imprint (high royalties, less advertising power than traditional publishers)

As One of Our Authors

We publish books worldwide under the Sulis International imprint. Our authors receive 50% of all royalties. Why such a high amount? Because we think authors deserve it. The catch? Only that the manuscript must meet our content standards and must be error-free and formatted to professional requirements. We save money on preparation and our authors receive higher royalties than from traditional publishers. We proof and format the manuscript for publication, distribute it to retailers, and promote through our channels.

Use Our Publishing Services

We format, prepare your files, and sent you a proof (paper and/or eBook). Once you are happy with the work, we will set up accounts for you at Amazon, Kindle Direct, and iBooks. We’ll place the book with Amazon, Kindle, and iBooks, and turn the accounts over to you. We will also provide you with a press release, a PDF of the print version, an ePub and mobi version, and five copies of the book. The book will also be included in our online bookstore.



Most authors want an ISBN for their book, though there is a debate about how necessary they are in today’s electronic world. We recommend one, at least for your books in print (even if it is a free one supplied by an on-demand printer or your publisher). You have three options: buy your own for us to imprint on your book, we supply one to you at no cost to you in our name (you still own all rights to the book), or buy one from us in your own name. See below.

Use Our Services

  • Publish paperback to Amazon and other retailers worldwide
  • Publish to Kindle Direct and Apple iBooks
  • Includes setup, prep, and format of your print-ready file
  • Setup of your account at Amazon, Kindle Direct, and Apple
  • Includes basic front and back cover design (see below)
  • add proofing and formatting for $.02 per word (discount)
  • add unique professional cover design for $80
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  • If you are publishing with Sulis, there is no cost. You can supply us with your own, or we will assign one through the print-on-demand service.
  • If you are not publishing with us, you can purchase an ISBN from us.
  • Discounts for multiple ISBNs purchased.
Purchase ISBN

*for books up to 300 pages (75,000 words) For longer books, add $20 for every 10,000 words.

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