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“Everyone has at least one book in them.”

You have something to share. Maybe it is a life experience, a business concept, self-help guide, or a novel. Let us help you make it available to help others. We provide a professional and less expensive alternative to traditional publishers and agents. We can make your words better and publish your work.  Our staff and network of freelancers have advanced degrees and decades of experience in literature, business, law, academia, publishing, and social media. We’d love to talk with you about your manuscript.

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We seek authors for both fiction and nonfiction. Submit your work for consideration. If accepted, we distribute worldwide and pay 50% royalties on each print or eBook sale.

Editing & Proofing

Nothing says “amateur” more than grammar, punctuation, spelling, or other proofing mistakes. Starting at just $10 per 1,000 words, we can help you make your writing error-free.


Getting a book in proper and traditional layout for print or ebook requires art and know-how. Preparing PDFs, ePubs, mobi, and other formats requires technical knowledge. We can do all this or teach you how.


Is your book already published (or nearly so)? We’ll promote it on our blog, social media, and in our monthly newsletter. (We also have a free version of the promotion because we believe in indie authors).

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Writing resources, book reviews, and more.

Book reviews: Amsterdam (McEwan); The Goldfinch (Tartt)

BOOK REVIEWS Book reviews: Amsterdam (McEwan); The Goldfinch (Tartt) Ian McEwan is one of my favorite writers. His ability as a writer, to draw me into his genuine characters who come alive on the page, and his prose is so comfortable. This is a dark book. It revolves...

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Professional Editing and Proofreading

RESOURCES FOR WRITERS & EDITORS Need Professional Editing and Proofreading? Do you have a paper, post, article, or book that needs editing? Our editors have over 25 years of experience as freelance editors for authors, publishers, and journals, and have edited...

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First Pages of Best-Selling Novels (Live Write Thrive)

RESOURCES FOR WRITERS & EDITORS First Pages of Best-Selling Novels (Live Write Thrive) This post is from a nice series from C.S. Lakin, which looks at the first pages of best-selling novels. The first line, first page, and first chapter of a novel are crucial to...

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