Here at Sulis, we believe everyone has a book to write. That is, you have something to share with the world that could help some other people, entertain them, or teach them something new. But if you aren’t a writer, the task can seem daunting. It’s one of the reasons we started Sulis—to help those who do not feel they have the tools to write or have anything to say.

But some of us have always felt like we had a book in us. And we might even feel like we can write pretty well. But starting it is the problem. If so, read the article below for some insights on the following reasons why you should write your book. Perhaps one or two will give you to boost you need to start writing.

1. Your story matters

2. Misogi

3. To become a better writer

4. The timing

5. Free therapy

6. To leave a legacy

7. To make money

8. To prove them wrong

9. To look back on

10. There are no more excuses

11. Because you are a writer and you can


11 Reasons You Need to Write a Book NOW

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