This is a from a guest post from Mallory Soto from BookRiot. Mallory is a short story writer, literary fiction enthusiast, and an Editorial Assistant and Social Media Strategist in New York.

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Congratulations, you wrote something! Maybe it’s the first draft of a short story or a polished manuscript to a novel. Either way, it exists, and like most things a human being can create, it’s a little terrifying and needs some work. You’re going to want some eyeballs on it before you start submitting it to lit magazines or publishing houses.

Friends and family can be a vast resource of insight, but a room full of fellow writers are at once extremely familiar with editing their own work and distant enough from your work to see what works well and what doesn’t.

It takes a village. So long as you follow a few key rules, your village won’t be on fire.

1. Come prepared.

2. Get comfortable.

4. Do unto others as etc.

5. Redirect where necessary.

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