From an excellent article over at Booklaunch, here are some excerpts from an interview with Joe Bunting at The Write Practice.

How do you become a productive writer, the kind who not only actually finishes writing their book, but continues to put out books, year after year?

In this post, I want to describe exactly how I went from a wannabe writer to a productive writer. It won’t be easy, but I think you can become a productive writer, too.


1. Systematize Your Writing Habit

When will you write? What is your writing schedule? Do you have to fit it around your day job and perhaps write during your lunch break or before work?

Where will you write? 

What will you write about?

How much will you write?


2. Practice In Public

If you want to write more, publish more (even if it’s just to your friends and family).


3. Get Your Subconscious Working on Your Productivity


4. Surround Yourself With Other Productive Writers

Peer pressure works, whether you’re a high school kid getting pressured into skipping school or a writer getting pressured to write more.


5. Take Advantage of Your Non-Writing Hours



Hang out with other writers.


Experience life.

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