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We love working with words. Writing them, editing them, formatting them, and reading them. We can’t get enough. Some of us have been writing since we were kids with a manual typewriter! We have decades of experience writing, editing, formatting, and publishing words. Not only do we love working on our own words, we love helping others make their words clear and engaging.

In 2011, we decided to combine our resources, along with a bunch of freelancers we knew, to provide a professional but inexpensive alternative to traditional publishers, agents, and advertising firms. Sulis International was born! Since then, we have helped  indie authors, businesses, and academics all over the world make their words better and get published.

Our staff and network of freelancers have advanced degrees and decades of experience working in academics, business, law, graphic design, publishing, social media, and writing. We love to talk with you about it!


Peruse our website for an idea how we can write content for you, research or fact check, edit proof your work, publish (or help you get published), and promote your work. Our blog provides writing and editing resources, book reviews, and tips and hints—as well as a place for writers to be a guest blogger. Finally, take a look at our books catalogue for books we have published, worked on, or recommend and our Sulis author pages.

Our People

Anthony Holmes

Director of Publications

Anthony Holmes has been an avid reader and writer since he was 10 years old, pounding out stories on his parent’s old manual typewriter. He attended college to learn about literature, and found he loved working with words: writing, editing, and rewriting. He is a freelance editor and writer, and he loves writing book reviews. We make fun of him because he refuses to use social media (though we found out he does have a personal Facebook page…)

Neela Tudurí-Kłepfisch


We are pretty sure that Neela invented her last name to make it difficult for us to remember it. She was born in Poland and came to the US only a year later (with her parents, of course). She is an excellent copy-editor, finding jots and tittles no one else sees (probably from learning to write her last name.) She has a degree in history, a law degree, and freelances as a paralegal. We have promised to stop making fun of her last name.

Mark McFaddyn


Mark McFaddyn grew up reading everything he could get his hands on, including cereal boxes and toaster manuals. But he found his true love in fiction. After obtaining a master’s degree in religion and writing nonfiction books and articles about spirituality, he has returned to his love of fiction, writing stories and novels. He  is our Acqusitions Editor and reviewer for Sulis.

Cassie Anderson

Editor, Promotions

When she was a child, Cassie used to take things apart and put them back together again. Her love of reading and of technology led her to read a lot of science fiction (surprise). Despite the title of “nerd” for most of her life, she has survived to become an all-around nice person and excellent editor. Without her, Sulis would not know how to get anything online, printed, published, or promoted.

We also have a large network of freelance writers, editors, researchers, legal writers and researchers, graphic designers, and more. We draw on them frequently for their experience and expertise.

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