Here is an excellent and detailed review of ProWritingAid, written by Lewis Parrot for The Freelance Effect.

Some editing tools are better than others, and while tools like Grammarly and Ginger are better known, today, we’re looking at a potential underdog called ProWritingAid.

ProWritingAid is a cloud-based copy editing tool founded by Chris Banks back in 2012.

Developed for authors, the editing tool now boasts a healthy user-base of freelancers, indie writers, copy-editors, bloggers and students.

The software is first and foremost a web app, but it’s now also available as a desktop app, browser extension, WordPress plugin and Google Docs add-on for those who prefer to write via other platforms.

So that’s a quick overview, but how well does it perform from a practical standpoint?

From this point, Lewis discusses rthe writing environment, add-ons, how editing and suggestions work,  testing accuracy, and notable features. Along the way are plenty of examples, screen shots, and pros and cons.

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